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  • Collection: New Orleans: The Jewel of the Confederacy

Dreux Monument
Charles Didier Dreux died on July 5, 1861 in Virginia as the first Confederate officer to be killed in the Civil War. He was a prominent figure in New Orleans, having served in the state legislature and as a district attorney. Over thirty thousand…

Battle of Liberty Place Monument
In mid-September of 1874, tensions boiled over in the city of New Orleans and gunshots rang out as the city, divided by the legacy of the Civil War and weary of the “carpet-baggers” and Reconstruction policies, came to arms. The Crescent City…

Confederate Memorial Hall, Howard Memorial Library's Annex
Although not a monument, Confederate Memorial Hall Museum is a historical confederate landmark. Constructed in 1890 and opened in 1891, the museum is home to the second largest collection of Confederate artifacts and memorabilia. [1] The collection…
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