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Confederate Veterans Bicentennial Memorial
In 1977, Judge James F. Shotts senior erected a plaque on the wall of the Marion County Courthouse in Hamilton, Alabama. As stated on the plaque, Shotts was present at a reunion of Confederate descendants and is the oldest grandson of Loyd and Shotts…

Jefferson Davis Highway marker
Jefferson Davis Highway (JDH), named after the Confederacy’s first and only president from 1861-1865, was once meant to be a coast-to-coast highway from Arlington, Virginia to San Diego, California. Construction began in 1913 and was funded by the…

Statue Image
Atop a monumentally tall pillar stands a statue of a Confederate soldier. With the soldier’s rifle standing upright in his right hand, the soldier tilts his head ever so slightly upward as if looking far into the distance with his left hand covering…
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