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John Hunt Morgan Monument
Born in 1825, John Hunt Morgan was raised in Lexington, Kentucky [1]. Morgan joined the U.S. War with Mexico alongside some of his family members as cavalry privates [2]. After joining the Confederacy, Morgan's best-known Civil War exploit was his…

Wesley Bolin Confederate Troops Memorial Statue
Located outside Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix a monument honoring Confederate troops was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy on February 14, 1962. It stood in the Wesley Bolin Plaza just outside the Capitol itself until it was…

Tennessee Monument to Confederate Women
The Women's monument was funded by the United Daughters of the Confederacy with the aid of their president Mary Lou Gordan White, the United Confederate Veterans, and approval by the Tennessee government. The idea for the monument came from letters…

The Confederate Women of Arkansas Monument, sometimes called the "Mother of the South" memorial, created by Swiss sculptor J. Otto Schweizer, stands (as of 2020) a notation made as many Confederate monuments across the nation are being removed
The statue is made of bronze, marble and concrete. It is standing on a tall pedestal on the lawn of the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. The statue depicts a mother, her daughter, young son saying goodbye to her older son who is joining his…

South Carolina Monument to the Confederate Dead
Erected in May 13th, 1879
Obelisk designed by Muldoon, Walker and Cobb
Designed by Carlo Nicoli
Inscription written by William Henry Trescot
Funded by the South Carolina Monument Association

Right outside of the South Carolina State House,…
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