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Dixie High School, St. George, Utah


A high school in Utah, that is still in operation.


Dixie High School is located in St. George Utah was created in 1911 by Mormon pioneers and is still in operation with roughly 1,200 students attending. The school's mascot is the Flyers, represented by a World War I biplane pilot.

Dixie High School was one of the first high schools in the town of St. George and was under St. George Academy. It was soon nicknamed “Dixie” Academy, as it is a tradition to white-wash the name on sandstone rock. The name comes from the Morman pioneers in the area around that time.

Dixie High School started to gain a bit of popularity because of the basketball team in the 1940s. The Dixie High School basketball team played for the state championship but lost to the Ogden High School team. After the loss, the administration started talking for several years about separating the school.

In 1963, Dixie Academy broke up into two different schools one being Dixie High School and the other being Dixie College. Dixie High School moved to a different building in the early 2000s and construction started to begin and they created a three-story building. As they were building new areas for the students, they started to tear down the old buildings, with the construction being complete by 2005.

Currently, the Dixie High School Administration is committed to having their students continue to thrive in the classroom as well as trying to improve their academic performances and to set the students up for a bright academic future.

The name Dixie is still being used throughout Southwestern Utah, not only at Dixie High School but also throughout the city. There have been polls to see if they should change any building that has the name Dixie in it, but a majority of the people voted that it would negatively impact statewide and local support.


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