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  • Collection: Texas: The Stars and Bars in the Lone Star State

Terry's Texas Ranger Monument Front Side
Terry’s Texas Rangers otherwise known as the 8th Texas Cavalry were a group of cavalrymen that fought on behalf of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. The monument is erected just outside the Austin state capitol building amidst a host of…

Lawrence Sullivan Ross, born on September 27, 1838, in Bentonsport, Iowa, played a crucial role in Texas history as a military officer, politician, and academic. Raised in Texas, he served as a Confederate officer during the Civil War, earning the…

Fort Hood Entrance
Fort Hood was originally established in 1942 as “Camp Hood” and was intended to serve as a temporary training area for tank destroyers during World War II. At the time, the Department of Defense maintained a policy of naming military camps located in…
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