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Charlottesville: Monumental Changes

Confederate Dead Monument

Charlottesville is an important location when considering the controversial topic of removing Confederate monuments. In 2017 it was the site of the…

Contributors: Matthew Mulcaire, Sally Hy, Jacob Sandusky, Joey Baum, Julia Vargas, Sergio Sifuentes

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Daughters Preserving Confederate Heritage

The Confederate Women of Arkansas Monument, sometimes called the "Mother of the South" memorial, created by Swiss sculptor J. Otto Schweizer, stands (as of 2020) a notation made as many Confederate monuments across the nation are being removed

This collection explores Confederate monuments, statues, and memorials that were funded by or preserved by the United Daughters of the Confederacy…

Contributors: Marissa Dong, Melinda Alvizo, Patrick Michael (2020)
Kayla Cortez, Kristina Gonzalez, Grislean Palacios (2021)

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New Orleans: The Jewel of the Confederacy

Dreux Monument

OverviewThe New Orleans Collection is a commentary on the contested legacy of the civil war, and an effort to bring to light historical evidence that…

Contributors: Luca Azuma, Jon Hall, Nicole Hallenbeck

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Stone Mountain: The World's Largest Confederate Monument

Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Carving 6 cent stamp.

     After the 1821 Treaty of Indian Springs, the first European Americans began to settle at the base of the mountain, officially naming the town…

Contributors: Victoria Garcia, Dominic Guerrero, Clay Kenworthy, Fernando L. Lopez

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The Rise and Fall of Monument Avenue

Statue of Robert E. Lee

This collection is on the history of Monument Avenue. Rather than focusing on each individual monument, this collection aims to present a holistic…

Contributors: Yuan Chiang, Art Hernandez, Melanie Vigil, Steven Mang, Monique Garcia, Sean Ghafourian, Max Bezanilla

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